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Help with mega stones?

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So long story short, I didnt know that the 3ds ran on a military time. So when I first got it I set it to 10:00a.m thinking that it was 10:00pm. And yesterday I found this stupid mistake, so I fixed it. And today I went to check if the garchomp mega stone was there(around 8and 9 pm) and it was not there. So I need a little help. Should I put it back 12 hours hoping it fixes or should I wait for 24-48 hours hoping when the real 8 pm comes, I look for it and it will be there? Please need help ASAP. And Thank You

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Well it runs off 24 hour time, So your ds should be set to the correct time (I've had some troubles changing the time on my ds when its connected to the internet) Try setting your ds to the correct time and it should work when its the real 8 pm
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