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I can understand why Pokemon hordes would be good for EV training and why it should speed the process up, but surely they are too unreliable and it would be faster to do it the old fashioned way than wait around for a horde? Is there something I'm missing here?


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Yeah youre missing the fact that you can summon a whole horde of Pokemon under youre control.
You can encounter hordes using honey and sweet scent, but sweet scent is better because it is free and has an infinite amount of uses.

A Pokemon that is easy to get with sweet scent is Illmise on route 7.
The Illumise should have sweet scent on it and then you can summon hordes to battle.
This is a quick process

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heres the link for route 7
it might take a while to find one since other pokemon has the same chance of encounter like illumise
It's the fact that yu gave me an example pokemon who knows sweet scent and where I can find one hat put your answer above. It simply answered my question, and did a bit more to boot! :)
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Sweet Honey solves all your problems.

When using Sweet Honey while in a patch of grass, a horde is guaranteed to appear!
Unfortunately, Honey isn't very predominant throughout the game, but an unlimited supply being found on Combee (5% chance though).

But also, your friend Trevor will give you three jars of Honey, and there are there are four jars also avaliable in Route 5, Route 12, Route 18 and the Pokemon Village.

However, if you want a more available option you can use the move Sweet Scent, which also guarantees an appearance of a horde. A good plus to this is that a good amount of Pokemon can learn the move! Just check in the link to see what Pokemon can learn Sweet Scent. :)

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Source and Experience

Sweet scent is a substitute and the name is Tevor
I thought Sweet Scent was Aromatherapy, so I just thought it's use was nullified in X and Y. xD And Trevor. Thank youz. :3
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You can cause a Horde to occur by using either Honey or Sweet Scent.

Sweet Scent is generally better as it can be used more frequently. Combee is a good Pokémon to use for Sweet Scent. As it can be found very early in the game in Pokémon X and Y (Route 4.) It will be between Level 6-8 and will already know the Move Sweet Scent. It also has a 5% chance of holding honey when you catch it.

Source: Experience and Here.

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