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I'm new to porygon and I have a Porygon-Z I just got in a trade its at level 1 so I have no evs but if you could look at this move set I'm gonna have I would appreciate it thanks

Porygon-Z @ Silk Scarf
Nature: Brave
Ability: Adaptability
Hyper Beam
Tri Attack
Ice Beam

Hope you can help me with my fav Pokemon also I just wanted to know if the silk scarf can be used more then once.


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It is a good moveset. Nothing more I can say about that and as for your second question,yes you can use silk scarf more than once.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/item/silk-scarf

Hope I helped!

Thank you very much for that it did help
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Yes silk scarf can be used over and over again.
although why bother with that when you can run lifeorb- and it powers up all your moves, whilst silk scarf only boost normal type moves.

heres a powerful moveset:

nature: timid (faster than arcanine)
ability adaptability

  1. tri attack
  2. thunderbolt
  3. icebeam
  4. darkpulse/ nasty plot

you dont want to be walled by ghosts. nasty plot for extra power to plow through em or darkpulse to shut em down for good. your choice

I was thinking of dark pulse instead of ice beam because I already have a pokemon who knows ice beam thanks
no probs!