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The question basically says it all. It's that woman who is working for a gourmet. She buys items from you. I know she'll buy Berry Juice and Tiny/Big Mushrooms, but what else does she buy? You don't have to list how much she buys them for.

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Is it a Breeder?
No she's a maid, and she's there in BW as well as B2W2.
Someone needs to edit this question. It says 'What tens she gives' it should be 'What items she buy'

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She will buy any berries and mushrooms from you and these items:
Sweet heart
Fresh water
Lucky egg
Soda pop
Moomoo Milk
Berry Juice
Castelia Cone
Lava Cookie
Old gateau
Shoal Salt and
Rare Candy.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Item_maniac

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