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In Pokemon black, there are many items including ones from other generations since Pokemon migration is a thing. Can someone give me a list for all of the items?


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Gen 4

Griseous Orb (Changes Giratina Altered to Giratina Origin.)

Gracidea (Changes Shaymin into Skye Forme Shaymin)

Arceus Plates (Changes Arceus into a certain type and slightly changes design. Here's the list of Arceus Plates)

Appliances (These are technically not items, but they change Rotom's form to Frost, Heat, Wash, or Mow Rotom.)

Gen 5

Drives (Slightly changes Genesect's appearance and changes the type of it's Techno Blast. They are Burn Drive, Shock Drive, Douse Drive, and Chill Drive.)

I believe that's all. If I missed anything please tell me.

(Therian Forms of Landorus, Tornadus, and Thunderus were introduced in BW2, as were the DNA Splicers, so no Kyurem forms.)

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I'm pretty sure the appliances aren't technically items. You can't put them in your bag.
Okay thanks
Thanks! I was looking for the items that are holdable by the pokemon as well as key items or items holdable by the trainer to change certain pokemon's forms usually for temporary amounts of time. You've got the concept.
By the way, what are appliances? Although it isn't an item, I could still use it to change forms though.
Appliances are items that you use on Rotom to change it's form.
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griseous orb, gracidea, 16 plates, 4 drives
Note that items can't transfer from earlier generations to gen 5.