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If so what are they?


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Yes, will is right, but there is a site that has them all:


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Here are some of the notable items:

RUGGED HELMET: adds the ability, "Rough Skin" to the holder.

BALLOON: Adds the ability, "Levitate" to a Pokemon until it gets hit by an attack.

RECHARGABLE BATTERY: While the holder holds this, any Electric-type attack it gets hit with will allow it to have its Attack stat raised.

ELEMENTAL JEWELS: Similar to the plates in D/P/Pt, except it's a one-time use item. Kinda crappy, but they're pretty common to find.

BULL'S EYE: Negates the opponent's immunities.

BULB: If held, the holder, when hit by a Water-type attack, will have its Special Attack raised.

These are the popular notable ones. Maybe people will name off more.

On rugged helmet does it replace your ability, same with balloon?
No, it gives them this additional ability, meaning you keep the existing one.
Cool, I bet other items are going to be just as cool