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I already have the Leftovers from the one in that garbage can below the Village Bridge.
The thing is, l have several walls, and it's inefficient and annoying to share my one Leftovers with about eight Pokemon.

Does anyone else know a way, or has found another Leftovers in Black and White?

*l have already checked the Battle Subway, no Leftovers there.
Also, l don't want an answer telling me to start another game, and transferring that Leftovers to my current game.

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The only other way would be to use the ability Pickup and hope you get it. The other way is to trade a Cinccino for a Munchlax in Undella Town. Munchlax is holding it.

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Nice Save :)
Bulbapedia said that Pickup was the only way, so yeah...
Sense when does bulbapedia always give accurate info? XD
They're pretty good for the most part. We've even caught a few mistakes on this site because of them.
Yeah, I find the site a little bit hard to navigate at times though, but for the most part its pretty good.
Hey, you should probably edit in the Thief technique.