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like TheFlamingSpade has a whole bunch of leftovers? I mean i have only 2?

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TheFlamingSpade along with other youtube Battlers use a program called PokeSav. With PokeSav, you are able to import any pokemon from your computer to your game, with any desired IVs, EVs, natures, etc. all the way up to movesets and items. Since you are able to put leftovers on any pokemon, he probably just uses PokeSav to import the pokemon with the leftovers.

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Linkpower22 answered the best. Another way is to trade the items from different games to the current one. In Emerald Version, you could buy Leftovers from the Battle Frontier, so you could have as many as you want. The ability Pick Up also allows for various items to be picked up after battle, so other "rare items" or TMs can be acquired this way.

I'm pretty sure that you can't get TMs through Pick Up.
You actually can, just not in Black and White.
You can get a few TMs with pickup. They are rare, but it is certainly possible. I would also suggest stealing the leftovers off of Cheren's starter in black.