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It's your usual Sp.Atk-Speed Gengar it can deal a lot of damage can't take a lot of hits just need someone to do the math for me so I can figure this out.

I'm pretty sure the best item is either black sludge or life orb, but I haven't done the math.
Ik but I already have pkmn with both of those on my team lol I'm just having a little fun with competitive right now.

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i suggest leftovers, so if you use a status move or miss, you still get hp every turn. but I peraonally prefer gengarite, but if your not mega evolving, leftovers. shell bell is not my top choice due to the fact tou have to deal damage to heal.

Yeah ok but it's got no status moves all the moves are 100 accuracy and I was looking for the math to see which one is actually better for Gengar assuming 252 Speed Ev's and 252 Sp.Atk Ev's with perfect IVs which one would do Gengar better.
black sludge is actually better than leftovers, because it heals more, at the expense of being applicable only to poison types. this includes gengar.
The GoAt person already said he/she/it can't use black sludge.
Awwww thx sumwun but it's a he goats do have genders you know
FYI, I commented before GoAt mentioned that his black sludge was already occupied. at the time of typing, my comment is labelled "22 hours ago" and his "23 hours ago", so there's your proof. they'll probably both say just "one day ago" by the time you read this.