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In-game I'd actually say Shell Bell is better as in-game is mostly Hyper Offense and you won't want to be stalling or anything. However, in competetive, Shell Bells should never be used, as they are less reliable than Leftovers, stallers wouldn't be able to make much use of them at all, and honestly they don't recover too much more HP than Lefties.

Competetive: Leftovers > Shell Bell

In-game: Leftovers < Shell Bell

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Leftovers = 1/16 of your max health
Shell Bell = 1/8 of damage dealt

Unless you have Skill Link, 1/8 of damage dealt is more or less peanuts. Even if you did have Skill Link, Life Orb or Focus Sash would serve better purposes.

Leftovers is much better.

I guess where you only have 1 or 2 Leftovers in any game without trading, Shell Bell provides a good back up/ alternative.

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I would say always leftovers, Simply because it ALWAYS restores health. Even if you don't attack. Shell bell only makes noticable healing when you're dealing tons of damage.

Simple as that

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In the competitive environment and in game, leftovers is almost always better, because it provides consistent, reliable recovery, as opposed to shell bell, which is dependent on whether or not you attack, and the damage dealt if you attack. So basically, unless you have a highly damaging move to hurt a high hp opponent, leftovers will always beat out shell bell in the recovery department. The ONE exception to this is when your fighting an opponent whose level is substantially higher, like when you run a FEAR level one Aron in the competitive environment, where shell bell will almost always fully heal Aron when it uses endeavor, beating out leftovers measly 1/16 recovery, but even in this unusual case shell bell is rarely used because berry juice is considered the superior item, healing most low level FEAR users to full health. Long story short,

leftovers is almost always the superior choice.

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Well, it could be either. If your Pokemon has super effective moves, shell bell could be an option. But say there was a difficult type matchup. Then you would use leftovers. Id say leftovers just in case.

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