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does it have do with your style points or gender

he says some thing different when you first talk to him but i read trough too fast to remember
js, its probably something insignificant that doesnt matter.  Its probably just one of those things that the NPC's say.
I will look fer meself. :3
On a similar topic, why does a trainer in victory road inform me that his body is ready?
Master the donger, master the enemy?

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I've loo'ed fer meself ;)

I found the guy you were talking about - he was just frightened that he saw you so suddenly. He says that he hasn't 'fell in love with me' yet. So I gave him different types of styles (like, the three different noises you hear after you get changed) and I have come to the conclusion that he's just a random NPC. :3
And, if it relates to style in anyway, no other source is going on about him, so yeah. This guy is just random. Like me. :D :D :D

Hope I helped. :)

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