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i have figured out the slow swivel thing and the spin on my own, but what are the others and how do you use them

could I have a detailed answer, thank you

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Here are all the tricks:
> Backflip — Taught by a Roller Skater on North Boulevard, outside Hotel Richissime, below a tree.
Jump over a ledge while dashing or doing a parallel swizzle to perform a backflip.
Parallel swizzle — Taught by a Roller Skater inside an office building on the western end of South Boulevard.
When slowly moving forward, the player will begin to move their feet from side to side.
Drift-and-dash — Taught by a Roller Skater at the monument in Vert Plaza.
When the player begins skating or turns in the opposite direction, they gain a boost in speed.
360 — Taught by a Roller Skater inside Café Rouleu on Estival Avenue.
Jump over a ledge while rotating the circle pad to perform a midair pirouette.
Cosmic flip — Can only be learned if the player already knows all other tricks. Taught by Twirling Whirlwind in the Lost Hotel.
Head towards a ledge while dashing, quickly changing to the opposite direction, then right back to jump over and perform a special flip.


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