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I know where inkay is, I just need to know if you fish for it. If so, than what rod?

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Inkay is rare to find in Pokémon X and Y, but you can find them in patches of grass in Azure Bay and in patches of grass and yellow flower beds in Route 8.

You can also find Inkay in the Dark type Friend Safari, for a chance of getting one with it's Hidden Ability.

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Rare? I found a million of them.
Yeah according to Bulbapedia they're encounter rate is rare in Azure Bay and in Route 8.
Thank you for the answers guys!
Your welcome, glad I could help :)
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You can't fish for inkay. It isn't obtainable in water. Its only obtainable if you walk through the grass on route 8 until you find it. In X walk through the grass. In Y walk through the yellow flowers on route 8

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