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Pokebank just came out in the US a few days ago, but when I got it two days ago, I didn't get the Event Celebi... I traded Pokemon from W2 to, but I still didn't get the Celebi... Why did this happen?


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you first need to get the BP or pokemiles using the link button on the tittle screen in Pokemon X and Y then go to pokebank after getting a poketrasnfered Pokemon and you´ll get celebi

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You get Celebi the second time you access PokeBank.
The procedure this Stack Exchange Gamer ran were:

  1. Ran the Pokebank for the first time, agreed to the terms & free trial
  2. Chose a gift option (choice between Battle Points & Pokemiles)
  3. Transferred some Pokémon to the Bank
  4. Went and claimed the Battle Points from the Pokemon Start Menu 'Link Gift' option (screenshot below)**
  5. Loaded & Saved the game
  6. Quit and went back into the Pokebank
  7. Received Celebi

**Click here for the Screenshot

If you do those steps, you will probably earn that much-wanted Celebi.

Hope I helped. :)

i think you should get the BA because you gave more info :P