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Here's the scenario:

Mewtwo with unnerve is sent out.
Opposing Pokemon cited "Too nervous to eat berries"
Mewtwo mega evolves and loses unnerve
Will the current opposing Pokemon be able to eat berries without switching out or not?

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Ok so now that I have a idea of what your were talking so I tested this out on Pokemon Showdown and It would seem that Once Mewtwo mega evolves Unnerves effects go away after it loses the ability
This Shows what I mean

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Yes, I realize the ability itself is lost immediately, the question was if the effect from the previous ability remained while you now have a new ability in place. Like Mega Gyarados. If you start out with Intimidate the enemy pokemon loses attack and doesn't regain it just because your ability changed to Mold Breaker. You didn't answer my question.
You could have explained your question better
I thought it was obvious enough. So, anyway, either that simulation isn't accurate or unnerve is completely useless if you plan on mega evolving. I'm gonna guess the latter but I wish this was tested in game,
This simulation is fairly accurate to the game itself
Sure, but mistakes happen, X/Y is fairly new. Like Kangaskhan "learning" knock off in some simulators, which is actually an illegal move in the games.
Look This question and answer answers your question exactly So there is no need to complain about doing this on the game to make sure
Cool, then you can move on.