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Is it Platinum second time? or HG/SS second time?


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In order to do this, we have to look at math. Yay!

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This is the formula for gaining experience in Generations I-IV. It seems complicated, but it really isn't.

EXP is the experience you gain.

a is a value that equals 1 when you battle a wild Pokemon or 1.5 when you battle a trainer.

b is a value that equals the base experience yield of the opposing Pokemon's species.

e is a value that equals 1, or 1.5 if one of the participating Pokemon holds a Lucky Egg.

L is a value that equals the level of the fainted Pokemon.

s is a value equal to the number of participating Pokemon that haven't fainted. This changes with EXP share.

t is a value that equals 1 when the Pokemon's OT is you, 1.5 when traded, and 1.7 when traded internationally.

Now, in order to find out which E4 gives more experience in their 2nd+ runs, we must look at each and every Pokemon the E4 (not including Cynthia/Lance) carries. But, there is one noticeable difference...

Look at HGSS, and then at Platinum. Compared to Platinum's level 65-75 Pokemon, HGSS has sad levels of 58-64. No matter what the EXP yield, level always plays a difference in this formula.

Answer? Platinum's E4 gives more EXP due to it's higher levels.

Read up on Experience. How much EXP Platinum's E4 gives.