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So yeh I got a ditto 6IV 31 max... Very lucky traded my deoxys for it and well I'm having trouble breeding kangaskhan. My Kangaskhan has 3iv's max in hp.atk and spe. ditto full on 6. I've got the natures and abilities nailed down properly but how do I pass on the IV's properly. Who gets the destiny knot. and what other pointers............ ??? Plz help I'm on 44th egg.....


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Here's how you do it.

Everstone to pass nature, whcihever offspring has the better nature, let s/he hold it.
Destiny Knot-Whichever parent is not holding the everstone.

  1. Breed the ditto and the 3iv kangaskhan.
  2. Let them breed 3 eggs, hatch them
  3. Check the IVs of the hatched kangaskhan.
  4. replace the parent with a offspring Kangaskhan. The offspring Should have more IVs then the parent.
  5. Repeat steps 1-5 until you get a flawless.

6.(optional) Breed the flawless Pokemon with the ditto until you get a shiny.

Hope I helped! :)

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Any one of the two Pokemon can hold the destiny know to pass 5 IVs from either parent onto the child.  As for the ability and nature you have to give the Pokemon that you want to pass these 2 things down an Everstone. I believe that to pass down a nature you have to give the Everstone to the male with that nature but it might work with females also.

Other than that you're most likely doing it correctly and are just very unlucky?

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