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So I was having a random matchup Double battle, and my opponent had a Darkrai and Volcarona. Knowing it would probably use Dark Void, I had my Gliscor use Protect and I had my Conkeldurr switched out in place of Espeon, who activated Magic Bounce. It only seemed to affect Volcarona, however. Perhaps this is an extra side-effect of Bad Dreams?

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You might not have realised this, but Dark Void has a 20% chance of missing. Also, just because it hit Epseon and activated Magic Bounce does not mean that Dark Void then has a 100% of hitting your opponent. Magic Bounce's Dark Void is still 80%.

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Umm, what are you talking about?
I just tested out your exact situation, and Darkrai fell asleep alongside Volcarona.

This was most likely just a glitch in Showdown, and shouldn't be stressed over too much. Either that, or Dark Void missed (since it has 80% accuarcy)

Source: Above Replay

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Will darkari torture itself?