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there are much better options for sweepers in trick room so I would go for trick room setter
101/72/89 defenses allows it too take a hit and set up trick room, you can go with whatever set that fits your team along as it includes trick room. I would go with a defensive one:

Aromatisse @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Ability: Aroma Veil
EVs: 252 SDef / 252 HP / 4 SAtk
Sassy Nature
IVs: 0 Spd
- Aromatherapy
- Trick Room
- Wish / Reflect
- Moonblast / Reflect

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I already have a trick room setter --> Dusknoir.. Is there any other move I can switch with Trick Room?
My sweepers are my Escavalier and Druddigon, Tank -> Carracosta and Special Attacker -> Reuniclus..
you see, one trick room setter is not enough, due to the fact that trick room lasts for five turns only. this means your TR setter have to switch in a lot and it will usually die after something like two or three switches. if your trick room setter dies, you have lost so you should always have at least 2 trick room setter and i would strongly recommend three. give your reuniclus trick room and keep it on aromatisse too