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I have been searching for a Mismagius for trade on the GTS fora while.The only poke on for trade that I had was a lvl 100 Rayquaza.

If I kind of want it,Is a japanese lvl 100 Rayquaza worth a Japanese lvl100 Mismagius?

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No! ...are you insane?

Unless you want to catch another Rayquaza in R/S/E by going through nearly the whole game, migrate it with an obscure DS earlier than the DSi Model to a Gen4 game, transfer it to a Gen5 game and use PokeBank to get it to Gen6, then no. That trade is not worth it.

You can get Misdreavus in Generation 5 (only White, however) in the Abundant Shrine.
You can get Misdreavus in Pokemon Pearl in the Eterna Forest and Lost Tower (Night).
You can also get Misdreavus in Pokemon HG/SS from Mt. Silver, The Cliff Cave, or in the Forest Safari Zone.

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It isn't mine,it was traded to me a while ago by someone from Japan...I'll think some more...