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ok, I coudn't find anything over the internet, so I'm trying here: lets say you use foul play on aegislash in shield form. will it's "attack stat" be 50 or 150?

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It would take in the Shield Forme's Attack Stat. In the Damage Calculation, the "Attack Stat" would be a base 50, or a maximum stat of 218.

Source: Experience and Bulbapedia.

i know shield aegislash has a base attack of 50. i wanted to know if foul play takes its blade-form attack stat or is shield-form attack stat with the calculation, not how much damage it would take if bisharp use knock off. you see, i had a mandibuzz that did 50% damage to aegislash with foul play which was surprisingly much considering aegis low attack and high defenses in shield form.
the title was a bit confusing, so I tried to make it clearer now
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It uses the target's Attack stat to calculate damage, as opposed to the user's Attack stat. The target's Attack stat modifier is incorporated into damage calculation. With the exception of the Attack stat and Attack stat modifier, all other factors affecting damage calculation, including the item, Ability, type, and status ailment of the user of Foul Play, are incorporated as normal. If the user has the ability Huge Power or Pure Power, Foul Play will be calculated with double the target's attack stat.

As this states,Foul Play uses the base attack stat of the Pokemon.So,if Aegislash is in its blade forme,it will use the base attack stat of that form,If it is in Shield Forme,it will use that forms attack stat.

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