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if I send Pokemon dream radar legendaries to bank, will the be able to receive them agian on black/white 2? this will be very usefull for getting better dream radar legendaries, because then you only have to reset dream radar without reseting black/white 2, because If you are at the end of white 2 the dream radar legends get better, i've heard.

Just so you know, once transported to Bank, you can't send them back to White 2. They can only go to X or Y.

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To get another legendary force of nature (or another any legendary, for that matter) you have to restart the whole game, by deleting it and its save, then redownloading it from e-shop.


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so although you send them to bank, you still have to restart white 2. I know you have to restart Dream radar
Yes you have to restart your white 2
thanks, I was worth a shot, but bank makes It al lot more easy to get more of them.
You're welcome!