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At the very beginning, when she is showing a tutorial on how to catch Pokemon, she catches the bunnelby with a fletchling. None of these appear in the game later onn, so she has either released them, or stored them. Since "Pokemon trainers are supposed to raise their Pokemon with love and care" She probably won't have released those two, and it is obvios that tierno knows how to use storage boxes (he told us abut it in santalune), and so does cassius in camphrier town, so can Serena use it as well?

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She might or she might not. In the previous games,pokemon that were caught during the tutorial somehow vanish!! The Bidoof caught in Dawn's tutorial also vanished.So that's what probably happened to the Bunnelby.And the Fletchling does appear later in the game.She has it when you and Serena have a tag battle against Tierno and Trevor.(Source)

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Um, there's no answer for this anywhere but...she probably does, I mean other trainer know about it and I don't see why she wouldn't.

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