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So, I heard that any Pokemon that you can catch multiple times or at least have in team multiple times, and has total base stats equal or more than 600 it makes it a pseudo-legendary. But does that make Slaking really pseudo-legendary?


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No, Slaking is not a pseudo legandary. First off, the requirements for a Pokemon to be considered a pseudo legendary are:

  1. A base stat total of exactly 600, no more, no less.
  2. 1,250,000 experience points at level 100, known as a "slow" growth rate.
  3. The Pokemon must be the third in an evolutionary line of three.

Slaking has the second and third, but not the first, because it's BST is 670, not 600. Slaking goes even further downhill with its ability, Truant, which kills any remaining chance of it being a pseudo legendary.

The thing about having two of the same Pokemon on one team is wrong. That isn't a requirement.

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Well no actually. Pseudo legendaries are classified by certain things. Such as 600 BST a certain growth rate and some other stuff. Therefore it isn't technically pseudo-legendary.