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By the way, I KNOW there is a way to get one, because I got SWEPT by one. My friend had a Serperior, he used leaf storm and his special attack increased by 2 stages instead of decreased.

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Well... you can't really get one.
I assume there is one way of how your opponent could have gotten it.

This Serperior may have been hacked from Gen V to have the Contrary ability, and he may have traded it to X and Y via Pokebank. Of course, it's still debatable if Pokemon with unavailable Hidden Abilities can get through.

If unavailable Hidden-abilitied Pokemon can't get through the Pokebank, your friend obviously knows how to hack the game, or has traded someone who knows how to hack the game because Contrary Serperior is not available.

Hope I helped. :)

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I got a timid contrary snivy from wonder trade.
Mr. Trainer29, HA Snivy was recently released in a Japanese event, so that Snivy you received may be legitimate. However, HA Snivy had not been released at the time of this question.
If timid lowers sp.atk maybe it's not the best nature for it
Timid lowers attack, not special attack
Um guys i know this is kind of late to be answering this but i also just got my 3ds about this year so, it is possible now to get a contrary snivy/servine/serperior since if u can just breed a contrary snivy from ur pokemon oras game and then trade it over to your pokemon xy game it works, i know this because i tried it myself with a friend and it worked and now i have a contrary serperior with leaf storm in pokemon xy, im not sure if they just updated this or not.

if i helped you welcome.

again sorry for being late i just realized this a few days ago
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You can get it on GTS now because there's an event in Japan where the Unova Starters with their hidden abilities can be downloaded by code. It's only in Japan, but they have bred their starters and put them on GTS so everybody else can get it there. I got my Contrary Snivy in exchange for Regenerator Slowpoke.

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The code for Contrary Serperior is POKEMON497

Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/three-stars-of-unova/

Due to the release of ORAS, you can pick any unova starter after clearing the league again (I think it goes Sinnoh, Johto then Unova starters). Apparently you can get HA snivy from this, via soft resetting.
I got snivy myself, let's see if it can be HA too.
Well actually... I can't find any proof at all. Sorry about that, genuinely. A friend told me it was possible and he succeeded in getting a HA.