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So I load my Pokemon White 2 game, to be greeted with the messages:

"Hall of Fame Data and Pokestar Studios data was erased"
And then I have this baffled look on my face, what?!

I managed to re-battle the elite 4 and the champion and reclaimed my record in the hall of fame, so that's out the way. However, I fly to Pokestar studios to see what happened. I ask the guy with Blonde hair (You know, the guy you talk to start filming a movie). But then he says I can't make a movie and I need to watch the movie I made in the theatre, then I go to the theatre to watch it, but then the receptionist says there aren't any availible movies to show...


I'm horribly stuck, is there a possible resolution to this? I've gone too far into the game to restart DX


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Your game probably has a glitch or something that erased some data. That's the only reason I can give/see for that happening. I personally would stop trying to make movies and whatnot in Pokestar Studios for fear of further corrupting the game.

I know this might not have been much help, but it's all I can give. I've never seen/had this problem before, so sorry if it didn't help

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Maybe it's a glitch. But this is how it should go: When you finish filming the movie, the blonde guy says, "Good work on the shoot. Would you like to release what you just filmed in theaters?" If you say yes AND if you have made more than eight movies that are released in theaters, he will say, "Well the screens are full. What movie would you like to delete from theaters?" You may pick one of your movies at that point and then you should be able to release your movie. If you have not made more than eight released movies, it will just be put in the theaters automatically without having to delete any prior movies. He says, " Would you like to go to the theaters right away?" If you say yes you will be transported to the box office lady in the theater. If you say no, then you just have to walk over to the theaters on the right of the filming area. (Which you probably know.) Talk to her. She will say, "Hi. What movie would you like to see?" You will have a box of selections. If you want to see the latest one without knowing the title or to save time, there will be a filming camera next to it saying "new". Click that title. Watch the movie. After the movie go back into the filming place, and talk to the blonde guy, you are able to make another movie.

You probably know all this, but if it's not a glitch I hope my suggestion above helps.

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