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I got a perfect Latios today in a trade (Timid + 6 IVs).

Is this Latios hacked or exist a way to get one? Can I use him in online battles?

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Yes, it exists. Latios can be a roaming Pokemon in Emerald and Soul Silver, obtained in Pewter City as a gift Pokemon in Heart Gold, and found in the Dreamyard in Black 2. When you first encounter/recieve Latios, its IVs and Nature are determined, so it is very unlikely but possible that a Timid, 6 IV Latios was actually captured.

If it is from Hoenn, Unova or Kanto it is legit and can be used in Online Battles. If from Johto or Kalos it is hacked and can't be used.

Source: Above Link & Experience

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Damn, is from Johto and OT Smogon, so it's hacked, right?
What happen if i try to use in Online Battles?

(Now i understand why this was a very easy trade, luckyly i have lots of 5 IVs Mawile).
It should reject it.
It can b used in online battles, I've got shiny lati0s and [email protected] and it's not from hoenn.
Kanto then?
I hate hacked or cloned Pokémons...
Damn, I need another EQ switch.
Just checked.. They're hoenn lol
it could be unova also.  latias/latios are in b2/w2