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See I've been going back and forth between pkmn platinum and black versions trying to breed a charmander with thunderpunch and dragon rush because its powerful and thunderpunch against water types. I'm currently playing platinum to breed and set up the charmander before I use poketransfer to put it on pkmn black.Can someone help?

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You can breed a charmander with dragon rush. use this link to see which Pokemon can pass it down
After you get a Charmander with dragon rush (and any other advantages you wish to aim for), you can use the move tutor in Driftveil to learn thunderpunch.

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sorry, Platinum: Route 212, 6 blue shards and 2 red. Dragon rush is still an egg move: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/egg/006.shtml#dragonrush