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I've played the Pokemon Leaf Green rom with rare candies cheats, and my lvl 100 Pokemon always get critical hits. Also, my friend traded me a lvl 100 flygon for Pokemon Black 2, which also gets alot of critical hits. Does the rate of getting one increase?

What gen game is this question for, I believe I've read info on some sites suggesting the critical hit ratio's different at specific levels with some pokemon and differ on others according to gen games.

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Short answer, no, at least not to the public's knowledge.
A Pokemon's level only increases the boost you get from critical hits.

>For example, a level 5 Pokémon will inflict 1.5× the damage on a critical hit, while a level 20 Pokémon will inflict 1.8× and a level 95 Pokémon will inflict 1.95×.


That is Gen 1.