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This seems like a repeat question, but it's not. I was preparing my team for the April Friendly and I wanted a Wynaut so it would learn encore. So I went to breed and I put a Ditto and a Wobuffet in the daycare and I made sure they were not holding incenses, but I still got a Wobuffet! Is it a change in Generation 6? I really need help! P.S. I don't Hack or Glitch so my card isn't corrupted.


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But if you want an Wynaut you need to hold an Lax incease. It really isn´t an glitch or anything just that to get Wynaut you require an specific item. There is other Pokemon that also need items to get them. So just get an Lax incease and equip it on Wobuffet.

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Oh thanks I misread it as it SHOULD'T be holding one.  Oops!
No problem everyone does mistakes.
They should add it to this site.
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The Wobuffet has to be holding a Lax Incense. In Gen six, you can buy one at the incense shop in Coumarine City.

Hope this helps!