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I want to run this moveset:

-leech seed
-giga drain/leaf blade (depending on if the Pokemon has higher attack or special attack, but this part really doesn't matter).

My idea is to throw out leech seed and toxic as fast as possible, then alternate between protect and the attack in order to take as little damage as possible while the opponent's HP drains away.

I just need a good Pokemon for the job.

U actually need a bulky Pokemon not a fast one due to the fast ones being Koed easily. Ferrothorn does this but u have to run power whip not lead blade and venasaur does this as well. Venasaur with chlorophyll in sun best fits your requirements tho.

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From Experience I'd say Whimsicott (nature calm) - Def 252 / Sp.Def 252 / 4Hp

Whimsicott Amazing vs non-effective Pokemon vs it.

It's Prankster ability is amazing and this Pokemon can do well with

Leech Seed
Giga Drain

Holding Leftovers (this Pokemon sucks vs fire mind) but you've always got the switch-out button though.

Source - experience and knowledge from SHOWDOWN!

Hope I Helped :P

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why psychic? use sub/giga drain/ leech seed/ encore
tried with encore doesn't work that well most people switch out alot or even bring in a fire type encore would make things work (you'd have to be lucky not to encore a fire blast).
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Your best bet would b venusaur which is pretty bulky and average speed. But used with drought ninetails chlorophyll doubles it's base speed and venusaur will b able to outspeed almost anything.

Veuasaur pokedex

Hope I helped!

Venusaurs def isn't that good.. even with a good nature (it's best for sp.def though)
Neither is chanseys defense good but it can take a non stab close combat. I guess u already have experience with a Chansey like that :P
But still venusaur is bulkier than whimsicott, by having higher base HP. Venasaur outclasses whimsicott to suit the askers requirement.