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Is there ANY Pokemon that can learn Leech Seed and Sturdy? It is perfectly fine if a Pokemon can Leech Seed from an Event or Move Tutor. Or if a Pokemon learns leech seed but only learns gets the ability from an Event. If Sturdy is there Hidden Ability, it is also fine with me... really anyway of possible getting it (Besides hacking) is fine. It's also OK if the Pokemon that learns it is a legendary, Uber, but NOT a Mega. (This Pokemon CAN'T be a Mega. However, if there is no other Pokemon that learn this but a Mega, it's perfectly fine to add it). If Multiple Pokemon fit the Criteria, please tell me all of them. It doesn't matter what Gen they are in the games, or if they're inaccessible.

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you were looking for an infinite stall, weren't you? Too bad it isn't possible, but it might work in sketchmons metagame... SHHHHHHHHH
(Lv1 sturdy leech seed will have minimal opertunity to die, leppa berry recycle helps, toxic too. safeguard as well. That set is insane! 1 flaw: multi-hit moves).
Edit: Like This http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7balancedhackmons-696338476
Even Better: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7balancedhackmons-696751813

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/ds leech seed,sturdy:
No Pokémon found.