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So, I want to have a full team of Zoroark and a Magikarp in the back (I feel like a pro). I'm just making sure if moves like Leech Seed, status-inflicting moves, and stat-lowering moves would ruin my Zoroark's cover.


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No,it will not ruin Zorua's/Zoroark's Illusion ability.

The illusion wears off—causing the Pokémon with this Ability to appear
as its true self—when the user is damaged directly by a damaging move
or when Illusion is negated or replaced. Indirect damage or loss of HP
(such as through Substitute, Life Orb, weather, status conditions,
entry hazards, recoil, and so on) will not break Illusion
. If the
Pokémon with Illusion is hit by a multi-strike move, the illusion will
be broken after the first hit.


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