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So, this is what happened:
Sent out Zorua, disguised as Pidgey, the last Pokemon in the party, at start of battle.

Opponent's Digglet used 'dig' faster than Zorua, Zorua used Hone claws.

Digglet pops up, 'Dig does not effect Pidgey', and Zorua maintains its Illusion...

Um, since it's just an illusion, shouldn't dig still hit?

Are you 100% sure that you were using Zorua instead of using the real Pidgey?
Unless Pidgey can use Dark Pulse, I'm pretty much certain it's Zorua. Are you not getting my results?
Which game?
If 5th gen, might be a glitch, I'll try it.
White 2 version. But I was able to link battle with all 3 others in the Gen and get the same results. It's N's Zorua I've been testing. I was going through w2 again for Pokemon I needed to dexfill, and I was draining up a shiny Pidgey from Leafgreen, and I decided to see if illusion would be shiny. It is.
Ah. I don't have N's zorua

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No. This is not normal for Zorua/rk's ability.

It is a common in-game strategy to disguise Zoruark as a fighting type to try and have the player use a psychic type move, which has no effect on the illusion since Zoruark is immune. However, the illusion never made an unfezant-illusion immune to my Flygon's Earthquake.

I remember a time when a shadow ball hit a linoone-illusion too.

As for your experience I believe an Air Balloon might be the culprit. When a Pokemon uses Earthquake on a Pokemon holding an air balloon it says that "Earthquake has no effect on (holder)..." If Zorua/rk is holding an Air Balloon and illusioned like a Pokemon that is not holding an air balloon then Zorua/rk will not appear to be holding the Air Balloon item. This will also make Zoruark replace the "Does not effect (holder)" with the illusioned Pokemon's name. Which was Pidgey.

I really doubt N's zorua was holding an air balloon though.

Source: Experience. A fair amount of it, and http://pokemondb.net/item/air-balloon
"The effect is aesthetic only" http://pokemondb.net/ability/illusion

But I specifically tested it with pidove and several others, it works with flying types but levitate ability doesn't, and as sandile it still gets zapped by electric attacks, but it's hold item is an Amulet Coin. I specified it above. No Air balloon involved here. Maybe it is just a glitch on my games... Just don't get why that one thing does that...
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Just checked. Yes, Dig should still hit. I put out Zoroark (same ability – Illusion) against Sandslash with Sigilyph as the last Pokémon in my party. Sandslash used Sand Tomb, a Ground type move. Sand Tomb hit Zoroark and removed its illusion.

Ok, thank you. Wonder why my game is doing that though...