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I like Zoroark and don't want it to appear as a cleffa in batle so is it possible to tun it off or something?

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Wait this happened on PO and it might work, please comment if you know.
Alright so i was battling a guy on PokemonOnline and had Zoroark in the 6th slot of my party and i had other pokemon in the party that weren't fainted and it came out as a Zoroark so it might also work on the games.
Honestly, this happened just now and i had already asked the question
Yes, when Zoroark is the last Pokemon in your party, its ability does not activate.
That's awasome! it's nice to chose if you want a zoroark in battle or the illusion activated, i think so at least
Why would you NOT want Zoroark's ability to activate? I mean, there is absolutely nothing bad about it, and you could get someone using a Psychic or Ghost move against you or something.
Yes Zoroarks ability is very practical and useful and i have also made the opponent use psychic and ghost moves on me and i think the ability is great but if i spend the time hatching after a shiny Zorua i sometimes want it to appear as a Zoroark not a cinccino you know what i mean? doesn't have to be shiny but i think it's nice to sometimes have a Zoroark in battle.
i didn't mean eliminate the ability permanetly or something like that.
btw Pokemaster i found out the 6th slot in party was working after posted the question, and i answered it and found out my answer was the best answer and asked about it on the chat and trachy took mine as best answer and sometimes it could solve some things.

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His ability doesn't work if he's in last place in your party. Apart from that, nope it will always be there until hit, and if you sub it back in illusion will go up again.

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Gastro Acid...
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Sadly no there Isnt away I have a Zoaroark So i Know that.
But on theGood side that only one hit the illusion wears off.
And even better The Physic elite four is will always use physic attacks on you
Since it doesnt effect. Thatll be very helpful in your Elite four battle.

About the elite 4.... no, her reuniclus knows thunder and focus blast, gothitelle knows thunderbolt, and siglyph knows air slash.
Yeah, but the point is that if you give the illusion of being a Fighting type or Poison type, the game will just throw Psychic attack after Psychic attack =D
My friend got so ****** when he kept spamming psychic against my conkeldur (wink wink) and kept on failing. XD