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i read in the bulbapedia that some Pokemon are immune to telekinesis because they are attached to the ground and zoroark's illusion lets it look like the last Pokemon I your party without actually being them so would this affect zoroark if it was used on it?


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Mega Gengar, Diglett, Dugtrio, Sandygast and Palossand cannot be affected by the move Telekinesis, but a Pokémon transformed into one of these Pokémon can be affected.


If you look at the source, it shows a link to Transform. Since Illusion and Transform are not very similar (Illusion will still treat Zoroark as though it were a Zoroark, but if a Ditto uses Transform against a Piplup, it will be treated as though it were a Piplup, with the same typing, stats, and moves).

Hope this helps! :)