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So, I was battling a Team Plasma Grunt the other day on my Pokemon Black game (I have a Lv.28 Zorua, a Lv. 26 Pignite, a Lv. 25 Dewott and a Lv. 24 Servine). I used leech seed on a Patrat after it used Bide. The Patrat fainted because my Servine destroyed in the very next turn and didn't get to use Bide at all.

So, I was curious if moves like Leech Seed, status-inflicting moves and stat-lowering moves set off Bide?

This has nothing to do with my other question that I just asked like five minutes ago. Thank you.


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Bide only works when you actually attack the opponent, meaning using moves like Ember triggers Bide, but status moves and ailments do not.

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So, does Leech Seed?
Leech Seed does not affect Bide