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Patrat vs Petilil

Turn 1: Patrat uses Bide; Petilil uses Mega Drain
Turn 2: Patrat is storing energy; Petilil uses Sleep Powder; Patrat falls asleep
Turn 3: Patrat wakes up!

Does Patrat unleash the Bide attack? Or does the Bide effect cease once Patrat falls asleep?


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As of Gen 4, sleep status will cancel Bide. Patrat's attack would not go through. The Pokemon will therefore be able to choose a different move to use, since the Bide status was cancelled. However, prior to Gen 4, sleep would merely pause the Bide, which would continue after the Pokemon wakes.

Interestingly, other conditions such as freeze and flinching were not revised in Gen 4, and will not cancel Bide like sleep does. Bulbapedia mentions nothing about full paralysis, nor do other websites I checked for information.


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The Bide attack fails, and you have to use it again