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I have been reading through to rules for the 2014 tournament and I thought I saw a rule saying you can only have one Pokemon on the other team asleep at one time. Ive been looking through the rules for ages and I cant seem to find the rule anywhere but just to make sure I would like someone to confirm if I can put two Pokemon to sleep at the same time. Because if I cant that will suck because I'm using dark void on smergle.



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According to Smogon rules and official rules only 2 Pokemon can be put to sleep at one time. You can only have 2, otherwise it can be considered "cheating". However, you can also use paralysis and Will-O-Wisp if you would like more status inducing moves. Bottom line, only 2 Pokemon can be put to sleep anymore and its not good!

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But I read that only 1 can be put to sleep at a time.