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I got a Gourgeist over Wonder trade but How can I see its size?

Good question. :P I also want to know this.

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well, if you have only caught one of them your pokedex should tell you the size of the one you caught which you can check on bulbapedia. if you've caught a bunch of them then the largest ones have a different cry and the sprites for them are all different sizes.

also, small through large have base stats that switch speed for health as they get bigger so if you know their ev's, iv's and nature you can check which stat range it falls into.

This is my first Gourgeist, so does this mean its size will be on the pokedex?
it should be
There sizes vary from looking at them in the pokemon summary aswell! (dependant on each pokemon).
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I've got these myself and know from experience on how to check there sized but here's a site that shows and explain's it better here, click this link> serebii.net

Encase in the future you wonder, does it's size pass down whilst egg breeding... YES it does Check this this; click this link> breeding gourgeist.

My experience with Gourgeist, you can find them on Pumpkaboo on Route 16 but this Pokemon requires trade evolution to evolve into Gourgeist. You'll need to catch a box full of these Pokemon and then check there cries. Trade Evolve them and check there sizes. with the links above.

Small Size: 2'4" (0.7)
Average Size: 2'11" (0.9m)
Large Size: 3'7" (1.1m)
Super Size: 5'7" (1.7m)
Small Size: 20.9 lbs (9.5kg)
Average Size: 27.6 lbs. (12.5kg)
Large Size: 30.9 lbs (14kg)
Super Size: 86 lbs (39kg)

Each Gourgeist size has different stats, you can find them on pokemon database (this site); For instance the Small size is very fast and the Supr size is obviously very slow. Hope I Helped!