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I've been Masuda methoding for two months with a German Ditto and an English Metagross and have filled almost 25 boxes of non - shiny Beldums. But I have been releasing Beldums every now and then so that I don't run out of space for the rest. In the past I Masuda methoded and I got a shiny Trapinch in 5-7 boxes. And that was without the shiny charm. Am I doing something wrong now?

It is luck my cousin got a shiny buneary on her 4th egg and shiny zorua on the first
Well if it's luck then here's another question - Will my 3DS survive another 6 million years before I get a shiny?

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No it doesn´t have anything with that. Me too have the same problem as I had almost 12boxes with Scythers. Even with Shiny Charm the chance is 1024 in 1. 30x25=750 if I´m right. This also includes luck. Some people can find a shiny after 3eggs and some can´t even find any after 1000. It based on luck mostly that´s why. There also is something that´s called shiny invidual code or anything. And you´re doing everything right.

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I have finally let go of the breath that I was holding since who-knows-when. Thanks!
Patience pays off and now i have a shiny Metagross. SO OP