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I find metronome quite fun in the game but is it really useful?

One time my clefable got sacred fire and my togepi got areo blast a couple weeks later
One time my togepi used dark void what was kind of awesome

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Well it depends motronome is all about luck
its realy youre decision cuz you need to decide if you want to take the risk that you will get a bad move smetime or something useless so it all about you

but I think metronome is too risky cuz you will never know what move you get

so again I think its too risky but if its in game its less risky and once again it youre decision

On pokemon pearl when I battled me and dowwn aganst 2 galactic grunts her clefari yoused metronome and turned into judment
 and when I used with togepi hi used splash
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I say it depends on the moveset, if you cant find any better move for its place then go ahead and keep it

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You can't always rely on Metronome, it uses good or bad attacks mostly and is very risky. But it's fun. Sometimes even good moves occur, like when once my Togepi used Metronome, it used Fissure, and the opponent got knocked out.

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No, I don't think it's worth it be cause you really can't really rely on it it's a fun move but not useful.

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What use do you have in mind?
If you are unsure that is because you can't specify, predict ot rely on it.

Its good point is the vast array of visuals you will see.

You can't have a strategy based on the use of metronome - it would fail most of the time because there are so many moves and it is chosen randomly.