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It is good if in the end you want a Gardevoir, but not if you want a Gallade. :)

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Yes, it is if you evolve it into gardevoir since it raise your sp.atk (gardevoirs best stat) and decreases your attack (its worst stat). If you evolve it into gallade however, its not recommended as it decreases his attack. Another good option gor gardevoir would be timid (+speed -attack) which often comes in handy too

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Thank you Dr Dude my ralts was female. But I beat a Swinub by accident. Does that mean that I just wasted 4 evs?
yeah, you did. no problem though. just give it a kelpsy berry and it should be all good :3
or use a reset bag in super training
swinub only gives 1 atk ev so it shouldn't matter at all since you'll probably do 252 s.atk, 252 spd and 4 hp.  that leaves you two points to screw up with and honestly, being down the 1 hp isn't gonna matter much if you got more than 2 atk evs