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I can't tell whether it is 2x damage or 4x damage.


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Soak: 2x damage, since the Pokemon changes into a pure water type, making it only weak to Grass, Electric, and Freeze Dry. One-type Pokemon cannot take 4x damage from anything.

Source: Experience

Forest's Curse: At least 2x damage, depending on what the Pokemon's type is. For example, if a Pokemon 2x weak to Ice/Freeze Dry gets Forest Cursed, Freeze Dry would do 4x damage due to its typing. For example:

Bibarel + Forest's Curse = Normal + Water + Grass |
                                     ^2x Weak^    | 2x * 2x = 4x Weak

Now, if a Pokemon 4x weak to Freeze Dry gets Forest Cursed, Freeze Dry would do 8x damage. Example:

Kingdra + Forest's Curse = Dragon + Water + Grass |
             2x Weak:         ^       ^       ^   | 2x * 2x * 2x = 8x Weak

Source: Knowledge of Freeze Dry

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