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Like when you were givin the farming area by Camphrier Town and the Scientist came up to you congratulating you on the discovery (which for me was the qualot berrry) I haven't been able to find any other berry combinations that she said you could make. I was wondering if there were ones that I overlooked that were easy to make.

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Here are all the Berry Combinations in Pokémon X and Y:

Apicot Berry: Kelpsy Berry + Wacan Berry
Ganlon Berry: Qualot Berry + Tanga Berry
Grepa Berry: Aguav Berry + Figy Berry
Hondew Berry: Aspear Berry + Leppa Berry
Kee Berry: Liechi Berry + Ganlon Berry
Kelpsy Berry: Chesto Berry + Persim Berry
Liechi Berry: Hondew Berry + Yache Berry
Maranga Berry: Salac Berry + Petaya Berry
Petaya Berry: Pomeg Berry + Kasib Berry
Pomeg Berry: Iapapa Berry + Mago Berry
Qualot Berry: Oran Berry + Pecha Berry
Salac Berry: Grepa Berry + Roseli Berry
Tamato Berry: Sitrus Berry + Lum Berry


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