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This has happened to me personally on one of my rom games I found a shiny before getting the pokeballs so I ran away from it

i saw i shiny tailow and my bag had no pokeballs


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You can encounter a shiny again, but the chances are near-impossible. If you want an exact chance, it's 1/8192 multiplied by itself, which is 1/67108864.
That's a 0.00000001490116119384765625% chance to encounter two shinies in a row!

Or, if you're playing X & Y the chance is 1/4096 multiplied by itself, which is 1/16777216.
That's a 0.000000059604644775390625% chance to encounter two shinies in a row!

To be real here, you're probably not going to encounter that shiny Pokemon again. Once you find it, it is not registered in the game's memory unless you catch it.

In simpler terms, say you find a shiny Scrafty and don't catch it. There isn't now a shiny Scrafty roaming the region that you are guaranteed to encounter again, but it is possible to encounter another shiny Scrafty. Just not the same one.

Source: Common Logic

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You and qwertyzoom are both right, but you have the maths and deserve the upvote.
thank you le scraf you have given me the answer i was looking for :)
this makes sense, but sometimes it seems like I can find a rare pokemon more often after I just found it. Is that just luck?
Yes. 100% luck
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It would be very rare, but under normal circumstances, it's almost impossible.
Hope I helped!

This was the shortest answer i ever gave lol.
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NOOOOO the same Pokemon will not re-appear!!! If you find a shiny CATCH IT!!! There is a very slim chance you will see a shiny Pokemon.

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Oh my god...

That is insane to run away from a shiny, but if you're out of Pokeballs, it makes sence to run away from it. The chances you'll EVER see a shiny again are 1/8192. Hope you know what you've done.