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Yes it will keep running until you:

  • Catch it
  • Trap it
  • Faint it
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that sucks
You can get it to stay for a few turns usi ng Mean look and block.
i tried it on latias, latios. holding a quick claw with a lvl 20 ghastly i wont work. try quick balls instead that's how i got mine.
actually, I cought Latias/latios using mean look: it just took a Lv 65 smeargle to overcome the speed issue :/
'Parasect used Spore'
'Entei fell asleep'
Entei used sleep walk'
Lol haha it can't escape if you use scary face hehe
Mean look you mean scary face lowers speed 2 stages
You can also use spider web or have a bunch of digletts with the ability arena trap (works great on raikou)
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Sleeping and freezing will prevent them from running only in Generation 2.