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Right now I know that non-legendaries disappear forever in Emerald and Platinum, and legendaries in Emerald (not sure about Platinum) reappear when the player leave and re-enters the location. I heard that they all disappear forever in some games, or they reappear when the player defeats the champion. Please don't question my curiosity.

When I was a kid I was playing D/P and I was trying to catch Azelf. I thought it would later become a roamer because Mesprit is as well, so I ran away. Azelf never came back, ever
I would like to answer this by replaying White or White 2, would me trying to run away from Reshiram be enough of an answer for you?
I definitely would like that, but I don't think it would be a complete answer. While you're playing, can you try running from a non-legendary, like Darmanitan or Volcarona?
Then what would you consider a complete answer? If someone played every main series game and tried to run away from every static Pokemon? Because that's never going to happen.
Snorlax and Sudowoodo disappear forever if you run from their encounters (when using Squirt Bottle or playing Pokéflute on the Radio) in HG/SS. :P

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