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Right now I know that non-legendaries disappear forever in Emerald and Platinum, and legendaries in Emerald (not sure about Platinum) reappear when the player leave and re-enters the location. I heard that they all disappear forever in some games, or they reappear when the player defeats the champion. Please don't question my curiosity.

What about the other 22 core series games that you haven't mentioned?
The later the gens go, then they probably won't have pokemon that come back. You can't seriously think I have all the main series games. I thought this was just gen 3 and 4...
I never said this was only gens 3 and 4. I said gens 3 and 4 are the only ones I already know about.
Does this count Crabrawler from the berry piles in U/M and US/UM? If you interact with berry piles that contain Crabrawler, and you run away, Crabrawler will stay in the berry pile until you either catch or defeat it.
Well crap! ... ...You know what, forget this.

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