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I'm asking about Pokemon that appear as part of "in-game events" instead of random encounters, disappear when the player runs from them, and don't reappear every week, like BW Foonguss and XY Snorlax. I'm asking about every game from Pt onward. Please don't question my curiosity.

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How do you know HGSS Sudowoodo doesn't reappear?
Sorry i always assumed sudowoodo was uncatchable after you beat it because for some reason i lost the watering can because of am unknown glitch
In that case, how do you know Sudowoodo does reappear?
Have a friend who killed sudowoodo
Again, I asked about running from the Pokemon, not killing it. How are you so sure that running and killing always have the same result?

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They Don't

I tried to find it but no.

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Was this tested for every single encounter from every single game?
Which Pokemon did you try to find?
I know for a fact that, at the very least, Sudowoodo and the red Gyarados do reappear after beating the E4 in HGSS if you didn’t catch them.