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In Black, I've defeated the game and wanted to check Reshiram's nature. It was Impish. I thought it was Mild so I saved. I was told that Impish is its worst nature. I released it, then checked the whole Unova and could no longer find it. So I restarted the game. And this time, I had a Timid Reshiram. I do not believe that in X & Y it will change. But who knows...

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It will not reapper coz it´s like you can only get 1 Mewtwonite X

So don´t do it if the nature is wrong then Fix pokerus then EV train and Super train.

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Are you sure that this information is correct? If you just based it off of the Mewtwonite X theory, then it is very insecure.
It´s true coz you can get only 1 legend in-game then you could do it many times over and over again